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Career as a Freelance SEO Small Business

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I am Ravi Kumar, have been engaged in Freelance SEO and Internet Marketing for many years. I came to know about Internet Marketing and its future in Freelance Small Business in around 2007 and have been doing the same. Now I have added MCA in my education. I know you must be wondering that I have not joined any organization yet and doing my own Freelance Activity in Internet Marketing.

I am here to depict you about Freelance Small Business, I am assure that you must want to earn some more part time money apart from your full time salary for which company you are working for. I have done various research in the same field to give information which would be beneficial for you and for your successful career.

Freelance Small Business

What is this all about, currently what you know about Freelance Business, it is such activity in which you used to provide your service in contract basis, you are not a company or any organization, you just sell your skills in various third party websites called Fiverr,, Elance, Guru etc, where you just sell your services based on your skills. These are very good International Platform to earn some part time money from your skills.

There are many such companies available who want to outsource their work through these websites. What they do, they just search the freelancer who give the particular services related to their companies and see their reviews, based on seller's review, they give order to them.

For this kind, you can get projects which you will deliver to work at home, this would be the part time job for you apart from your company's work.

You must be prepared for taking extra pressure of work load. According to me, Time is Money, when you save time and start your own small business as a freelancer, you can earn more and more and make your life

There are many such field where people used to outsource their work like Information Technology, Internet Marketing, SEO, Content Writing activities, Website Design and many more fields.

Freelance SEO

In this blog, I want to give light on Freelance SEO, when you are working for some clients engaged with company, you can also start giving Freelance SEO services to companies who are looking for such people and want to outsource their work.

Freelance Content Developer

If you are a good content writer, you can earn money by giving Freelance Content Writing Services in and, these are the websites where you can make your profile and can give your services. There are vast demand of writing like Website content writing, SEO Content Writing, Press Release Writing, Blogging, Article Marketing, Content Marketing, Letter and Proposal Writing, Company Business Quotes Writing etc.

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