Saturday, June 16, 2012

10 Amusingly Cool Gadgets of 2012

Bangalore: It’s always interesting to watch how technology amuses us with new stuffs. From the starting of 2012 we have witness lots of electronic trade shows and mobile conferences were tech-giants reveal some of their high end products. The list which we have jotted down here includes a whole new variety of gadget which doesn’t come under any big brand, but still they are kind of cool, cute, crazy and beautiful.

Solaris Sun Shade

This is a solar power umbrella designed by Jose Vicente. This brilliant idea can give a whole new experience to your garden and outdoor restaurant outings. As most of us carry our devices along with us everywhere, and it is rejoicing when we notice that there is a place to charge our phone where we sit. This solar umbrella gives you the shade and lets you have all the fun with your devices without worrying about the power.

Pig Buddies - USB Hub

This will be the cutest gadget ever made. This is a USB hub with three thumb drives; the pig momma is the hub and the three cute little piglets are the flash drives. Normally the USD drives comes in a boring rectangular design, but this new model is stunning and absolutely different. Hope this models hits market soon.

Duracell Instant USB Charger

This futuristic gadget is really useful. Technology has done wonders in almost all fields of gadgets, but it lagged back a lot when it came to batteries. All of your high-end smart-devices suck in terms of power and this little new device can save you when you are in a critical situation and your smart-device is out of juice. Most of your devices come with an USB charge option and this charger is a blessing if you are looking for a simple and cheap option to charge your smartphone, tablet or MP3 player.

LED Shoelaces

This gadget has some funky element in it. If you are one among those who like to get all the attention and wants to expose your geeky nature then these lightning shoelaces serves all your needs. These pretty shoelaces are an interesting idea and can serve as a fashion accessory for all you night outs and parties. It actually deserves to be one of the trendy wearable gadgets.

Tool Logic CC1SB Credit Card Companion

If you are a fan of Swiss knifes but is a bit uncomfortable with its bulky look, then this new tool is the solution for you. The slim but dangerous tool fits into to your pocket or purse and can be used in all kinds of circumstances; I believe you understood what I meant.

Never Wet

Never Wet is surely one of the best invention of this year. This is a special liquid resistant coating that repels water, dirt and any other kind of liquid. This coat will keep you shoes clean for a very long time and when it rains your shoes will get dried pretty fast. The application of this new coating can be done in many other fields which we will be witnessing in the future.

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