How to Calculate the Fisher Transformation With the Use of the FISHER Function in Excel
Microsoft Excel has numerous useful statistical functions built into the software program. One of these functions is the FISHER function. This function is a one-sided f-test according to the works of Sir R.A. Fisher that will help you in determining if the standard deviation of one numeric value is smaller or larger than that of another numeric value. This article will provide you relevant information about the FISHER function in Excel so it's better that you go further reading.

What Is Perl?
Perl is this open sourced programming package which aims to eliminate redundancy as far as typing codes are concerned which then makes the codes cleaner for the system to read and implement. If your web master or programmer uses Perl, they can write a language that attracts people back to your site, whether it will be for personal purposes or business, and adding the latest search engine tools even invented by Perl which makes people come back.

Sun Microsystems Reduces Open Source Java Barriers
Java developers will find this kit handy as it lets you test the compatibility of your projects with reference to Java specifications. Sun open-source, can now have access to their Compatibility Kit related to Java development technology.

Is HTML5 Development Proving to Be a Risk for Flash and Silverlight?
HTML5 is a groundbreaking upgrade to how the web was being presented and can serve to be an effective game-changer to the era of web application development. So where do RIA technologies like Adobe Flash, Microsoft Silverlight, etc., stand?

10 Tips to Choose Your Software Development Methodology
There is a lot of talk these days about agile versus non agile development. What kind of company or software development group are you involved with and what is the best methodology for you? Are you an agile group or more of a systematic water fall organization? Weather you are a small online marketing company growing your Google or Facebook business or a large health insurance you will benefit from this article.

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