Saturday, September 1, 2012

How Do I Got A Fully Approved Adsense Account in short time

How to get fully approved Adsense Account

I Wanna share with you something, are you also fed up with disapproving Adsense account. If yes, so do not worry more about it and start using blogger with quality content, so that your account would be approved in less time.

For that, you have to create a blogger account and make a unique blog. Some of the following steps you have to follow :

1. Create a blogger account

2. Select the topic or niche which is less competitive

3. Make a blog on the same name

4. Select a professional theme like a website

5. Start writing on the same topic and post daily 1-2 posts

6. Monetize the blog with social networking buttons and RSS feeds

7. When More than 10 posts you have posted, start applying the Adsense account under Monetize tab. It takes less time to approve your Adsense Account.


1. Makes sure, there is no relation of your previous Adsense account

2. Content should be 100% unique

3. Natural or Organic Traffic of the blog

4. Do not give keywords in your blogs, it should be low density

6. Blog Design should be clear and fresh

7. Do not use any copyright content in your blog

That's all

You will reach your destination.


Ravi @ GSE

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