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Why Desktop Computers Are Still A Great Option
For decades, desktop computers have ruled the roost when it came to power, storage and capability. However, in today's hyper-connected world, and with huge advances in technology, desktop systems simply aren't as relevant as they once were. However, this begs the question, are desktops obsolete?

How To Create An Effective And Easy Backup Plan For Your Computer
Everybody knows they need to backup their computer, but very few people actually have a relatively current backup of their computer. The trick is to integrate your backup plan into your daily rhythm, so you don't have to think about it. It gets done automatically.

5 Important Reasons To Hide Your IP Address
Amazingly, most people are convinced that it is a very bad idea to hide their IP addresses. They fear that they may give the wrong impression because it is only crooks and people who are breaking the law who would want to hide their IP addresses, right? Wrong!

Steve Jobs, 'The Apple Man' Is Dead - Aged: 56
The world has lost a big brain, the heart and soul of Apple Incorporated and a man whose contribution has profoundly changed the world and made it a better place. We are all in great shock at the loss of the man who engineered the Apple computer, Steve Jobs.

Key Components of Network Management
For every business proper management of the network is must. Without effective network management strategy the network can have different issues causing slow speed of the business operations.

Reasons To Stop Using Free Email Services For Your Business
The scenario: you are at a trade show or networking event, you meet a prospective client. They are very impressed with your product and service offering and ask to get your business card. You are happy to oblige and excited for the opportunity. Unfortunately, you lose credibility when your prospect sees your email address is a free one provided by the likes of Yahoo and Gmail or an Internet service provider such as Comcast or AOL. How can a potential customer or prospect really take you serious when your email account does not really reflect your real company?

IPv4 Versus IPv6 - Explained
IPv4 is an acronym standing for internet protocol version 4. It is the fourth edition of the internet protocol that was designed to identify devices on a network through an addressing system. This version was made to be used in interconnected systems of packet switched communication networks.

Why Bad IT Is Like A Bad Marriage
There are a lot of business owners and executives who would love to split up from the technology partners they have, but are too afraid to make the move. Just like a bad marriage, they have become dependent on their IT provider over time. However, there are very good reasons for splitting up in order to find the right partner who will make you and your company much happier.

Facebook, The Addiction
People face possible addictions on a daily basis in many forms. Since the introduction of various new technologies such as mobile phones, personal computers and game consoles, people have been opened to a whole new realm of digital addiction. For many people they may consider these technologies as a part of daily life that can influence daily tasks offering many benefits.

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