How Heat Affects Computers
We've all been living in the electronic age for some time now and it has become common knowledge that electronic equipment runs better when it is cool. As for our laptop and desktop PCs, you probably noticed that the only noise they make when you turn them on, are the fans, no doubt for cooling.

How Does a Hard Drive Work?
The computers are processing as well as storage devices. Without the hard drives used for storing data, computers will become useless. Modern day computers are valued based on their processing speeds and storage capacity. Many beginners confuse hard drive and RAM. RAM is a volatile memory meaning that the data will be lost when the power is turned off. The hard drives retain stored data even when there is no power. The design of hard drive has seen many changes over the past decades.

Tips to Shop for Best Portable External Hard Drive
Size of the drive - needs to be decided according to file types and number of files. If you need to store documents or spreadsheets, a small drive with minimum capacity like 250 or 500 GB will suffice.

Four Reasons to Buy Your Computer Online
There are two ways you can buy computers: In a local store or online. Online buying may be beneficial to you for four good reasons.
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