Thursday, April 7, 2016

How Can I Get A Blog - Guide to Make Free Blogs in Internet

Everybody has passion to write blog now a day, or write daily diary online...

how can i get a blog

There are many options to make your own free blog in Internet, many companies are offering you to make free blogs in internet. I suggest you to make one blog of your choice topic. Suppose you like to write about business talk or you like to write about hotels and travels

You can make free blog in, like following :




I basically will give demo of these 3 website to make free blogs, let see one by one

open and login

Open and login and

open Weebly and login

In weebly, you can click on Add site, you will have option to make blog there. Maximum 10 blog you can make in weebly

Hope you find good answer to make your own free blog

Hope you enjoyed


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