Sunday, January 20, 2013

Internet Explorer 9 Safest Web Browser

Hello Friends,

Today, when we started searching the safest web browser and wanted to download that for my laptop, I came into conclusion that, Internet Explorer became the safest browser ever as far as malware is concerned. It has been tested that the the malware block rate of IE is high rather than any other browsers.

As per Tech Republic Blog

IE - 94%

Mozilla Firefox : 5%

Apple Safari : 4.70%

Google Chrome : 27.60%

I am not saying this, one report says by Tech Republic Blog. I wondered and start downloading the Internet Explorer 9 for my laptop. Really I have a new experience with IE 9. It is having great look and fastest browser too.

According to NSS Labs, this report has been generated that, Internet Exploere is having better to block Malware.

I am going to share with you the Internet Explorer Official Downloading link.


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