Sunday, April 21, 2013

Google Doodle for your Birthday

Hello Friends,

Sorry for the delay to my post, I have very little time for my blogging as I am Freelance SEO and Content Developer and quite busy there.

I recently came to know about Google Doodle Birthday Wishes from one of my friends. Think Friend, if you open Google page on your birthday early morning and you see special Google Doodle for your Birthday wishing you a many many happy returns of the day, how you feel at that time. This is exactly happened on my friend's birthday, what he  looked that he woke up in the morning and open a Google page for searching something, he wondered to see that Google was wishing his birthday by their Special Google Doodle. He became very happy to see that and said to us something following:
"That was very heart touching when I see special Google Doodle for my birthday wishing me specially"
Exactly friend, it happens, when you also add your birthday on your Google Profile Page, if you already login into your Google account and will open a Google home page, you will find very interesting Google Doodle wishing your birthday and you will be very happy to see that just like that I found birthday mail from various companies which have recorded my birth date like SBI(State Bank of India), Ibibo, Way2SMS and many more companies.

Friends, we become very proud and feel very happy when someone from whom you are not expecting anything, who wish you on your birthday. It is a great time for us that someone reminds us on our birthday.

So, What we have to note down in our diary, that we have to update our Google Profile with Birth date, so that when our birthday would come, Google Doodle would be appear and made us proud and happy.
"Wish you a Very Very Happy Birthday Friend"

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