Saturday, July 28, 2012

Google Scientific calculator comes to search

Scientific calculator comes to search

Google launched one more thing, when you write calculator in the Google search, it will give a calculator named Google Scientific Calculator and where you can calculate anything. Suppose you write 12 plus 5, Google give results 17.

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Google has also added a scientific calculator to its search engine and the moment you type in the word ‘calculator’, it appears on the search screen. The calculator also pops up when you type in a math problem and automatically provides the solution. For instance, we have typed ‘5 plus 12’ in the search bar and the calculator came up with the answer ‘17’. The scientific calculator has 34 buttons and can handle quite a few things – right from simple calculations like addition and subtraction to trigonometry and more. It can calculate sines, cosines, square roots and tangents, plus there are dedicated buttons for Pi and Euler’s number. Moreover, this new feature is also available in mobile version. So you can use it instead of the traditional calculator available on your handset.

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