Saturday, July 28, 2012

Google Handwrite for iPad, iPhone and Androids to search Google from Handwritten

Google Handwrite

I was so happy when i knew about that, Google launched this. I always happy when something new technology come in the market. I feel proud that how we are growing towards every field of technology.

Google Handwrite is the new technology released by the Google to make mobile device so simple to search anything in the Internet. Now you thinking how?

When you set your iPad, iPhone or any Android phone settings to Google Handwrite, you can search very easily anything from the search engine, you can write anywhere on the mobile screen and Google Handwrite detects it and search very frequently and fast. No need of any keyboard. Just write on the screen from your finger and searches going on and you will get results.

Now tell me, isn't it very good search tool. Now you would be thinking that what are the setting we have to do in our phone, I will tell you, calm down!

According to

To use Handwrite, one has to go to from the mobile browser and tap on the ‘settings’ button at the bottom of the screen. Once on the ‘settings’ page, just enable the Handwrite option (you can also disable it whenever you want to). After saving the changes in settings, refresh the homepage to see the feature. On tablets, ‘search settings’ are available as an option behind the gear icon.

Now your Mobile Device has been enabled for Google Handwrite.

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