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How to send and receive files via shareIT

How to send and receive files via shareIT

SHAREit is one of the best app to transfer files faster through WiFi without any network connection

First of all Download Shareit and Install:

Shareit for PC

Shareit for Android Phone:

Shareit for Windows Phone:

Shareit for Apple iPhone:

Sharing files from Windows Phone to Android Phone

1.First turn on WiFi in windows phone and open shareIT in both of devices.

2.Tap on send and select files in android phone, Tap on receive in windows phone. and

3.In windows phone, open WiFi connection and connect it with android's HotSpot.

I am going to Open Shareit first in my phone and click on send button and select files

Let me ask My friend also to open shareit and click on receive button

ShareIt will find the hotspot of my device in my friend's device

Ask your friend, Let click on that hotspot after searching, Shareit will start receiving files via wifi hotspot

Note: Shareit creates a folder named Shareit in your system's Download folder, you can find files in this folder.

Hope these help

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