Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Smart Browsers for android, windows, BlackBerry, Symbian mobiles

Browsers become most important part of mobile phone. Every one started using Internet in their mobile phone. It is also called mini browsers. There are many free browsers available for your mobile phones. Many people have to face browser problem in their mobile. They can not sirf internet due to wrong browsers. I am going to research some of the good mobile browsers for you and will list here.

Opera Mini(Free)

Opera Mini is one of the good and fastest browser supported Symbian, Windows, BlackBerry, iOS and Adroid Phones. It low down our data consumption cost, if you want that your data using will use at low rate, you should use Opera Mini.

Some of the major browsers

Android browser(Google)
Firefox for mobile(Mozilla)
Internet Explorer Mobile(Microsoft)
Kindle Basic Web(Amazon)
Nokia Series 40 Browser(Nokia)
PlayStation Portable web browser(Sony)
Skyfire Mobile Browser(Skyfire)
Google Chrome for Mobile(Google)

Now you can choose any browser listed. All well reviewed browsers, I found.


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