Saturday, September 8, 2012

Save Trees and Save Earth by Emails

Email Marketing has become very important for all the company, every company has started email marketing, they help the company and clients in terms of communication gap. Both are connected from it.

when a new product has been launched in a company, each and every clients have to be informed about it. Email marketing is the only quick technique to inform them.

Email gave lot of contribution to our environment to save tree and papers. So start sending emails to save trees instead of sending hard copy. Lets come and make our environment good. We can cut our paper use in the office by sending emails. We can generate our bills electronically not in paper and can send it to the client. By doing so, we can save paper and trees. By this our office will be paper free.

Some of the tips of Email marketing

1. Mention the person name whom you are sending your email
2. Email content should be clear and specific
3. Do not include other things which if off topic
4. Do not forget to say thank you in last
5. Mention your name and address with full description with your company address and your designation
6. Put some environment friendly quotation like Save paper by sending email.
7. Mention it "Do not print this email till you do not urgent need"

Those were the some tips on sending emails.

Now, Email marketing need emails id of the clients, customers, friends, relatives etc. How we can get it. You have to make your database of email addresses in your company in which you save the email addresses of all. It is very necessary to save and collect it. Just make a directory of it, so that at correct time, you could send the emails too all people.

Tips collecting email ids

1. Note it from their business cards
2. Ask emails of your friends or note down from their facebook account, if they mentioned
3. Note down the emails of your client and customers for future references
4. Use Yellow pages, emails directory like Just Dial, India Mart, Trade India etc
5. Buy email ids of your prospects

we send emails when -

we have to send greetings, bills, wishes, marriage invitations, product information, product support emails, business emails, personal letters etc

In earlier days, we used to send letters, but now emails replaced the letters, by doing so , we saved lot of papers.

We apologies

Why we apologies because some of the company, Government organizations still using this, they do not want to save papers, we appeal to them that use email service to save papers. Make your office completely electronically.

If you say how? then I will suggest you to save your data in more than one place and use sync services, create backup of your data daily. Just use e-signatures on your bills and all that. By doing so you can stop work on papers and save papers.

If any thing you want to add in this blog, email me, I will update this blog.



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