Sunday, October 28, 2012

New and effective SEO Strategies

Google Webmaster team has changed the working style of search engines and webmasters. Now you will see that whatever traffic you were getting earlier before updation of panda algorithm. You are not getting website traffic now, do you know why? Yes! Is it.

Now those website is coming on the top of the google which has great and useful website content, if you are getting written articles for your website, kindly take care about that what ever written is true information and can not be copied from anywhere, it should be written by own thought and conceptions. You just take care about your website content, I only want to say one thing that your website content should be highly useful and unique to get good number of visitors and clients. Google now check the content of your website first, then its quality backlinks and then social media sharing.

These are the following three things will be checked first:
Website Content
Quality Backlinks
Social Media Sharing

Web Content 

I am a professional writer and used to write quality articles and essay. I have one story to share with you, one people have been using duplicate contents in his website and he daily updated this blog and website with duplicate contents, when this Google Panda had not come. He was getting lot of traffic in their websites. But as soon this Google Pandan Algorithm has been deployed, he has ruined and now he is not getting any traffic in their website, because of one thing which is duplicate content. Now he is renovating their websites and blogs with quality content, he has deleted all the content of his websites and blogs and now he hired a content writer for his many websites and blogs. This was the one of the people's story, there are many such people were available in the webmaster, due to them, All the search engine could not be able to lift good websites. It is the perfect action of Google Panda. Now if you search on Google, you will get the correct results. Due to duplicate content, the belief of all people on search engines had ended, but now again it is absolutely fine.

Quality Votes and Backlinks

This was the story of website content, If we talk about the quality votes and backlinks, you will get this quality backlinks too, if you will start posting quality articles in your website and blogs, every body love to link your website just like wikipedia. The information in your post should be good and useful. So, the backlink depends upon your writing and presenting skills.

Social Media Participation

Now, it is necessary to share your post and articles into social media sites to list in the search engine, when you write something, after posting, just share your articles into various social media sites. If you share your article into Google+, Google will love it.

So these are the techniques which can grow your website traffic.

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