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SEO Consultation Services

Dotnet Asansol Professional SEO Services, Competitive


Outsourcing SEO is a reality for most webmasters. Our service takes the burden of SEO off your hands without breaking your budget.
No matter what level of SEO your site needs, whether it been a large project or simply maintenance, we have pricing & plans to meet your needs.

The Best SEO Services on the Planet!

seo consultation
seo consultation
Reliable, Affordable & Effective

With over 4 years combined experience, our staff can deliver the results that you'd expect from an expensive company at competitive rates. Because our operation is small, we can afford to keep our rates low while still providing the kind of service that you expect. All of our SEO services are done by our trained staff and we guarantee that you'll see results. Because we're on the front lines every day, we know what does & doesn't work, so you won't waste money or time on strategies that do nothing for your website. See some of the benefits of our service:

  • Hand-placed backlinks, not software-generated.
  • Private backlink sources, not taken from large lists.
  • Customizable timetable - your links are built at the speed you think is best.
  • Professional advice - let us help you make the right decisions with your website for the best results.


  • Hand-placed you never have to worry about being dinged for software-generated links. We hand-place all links to ensure their quality.
  • Private Sources The more links on a page, the less valuable each link. We only place links on our own private sources & will never use large wholesale lists to source your link locations.
  • Timetable We can build as many or as few links per day, week or month as you like. You never have to worry about getting dinged for link spamming.
  • Advice Not sure where to start or what to do? We're here with the answers you need to make the right decisions for your website.
We have the Following Plans
1. Basic SEO Plan
2. Extra SEO Plan
3. Complete SEO Plan
4. Mega SEO Plan
5. Ultimate SEO Plan
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