Tuesday, April 5, 2016

How to Make Long Tail Keywords by Using Quora and Google Trends

How to Make Long-Tail Keywords by Using Quora and Google Trends 2016

I have researched on the same and would like to share with you to find longtail keywords and make your website more profitable.

Suppose You have keywords like following

Hotel Reservation, let see how many long-tails opportunities we have

lets open Quora First

Keywords and Longtails

Hotel Reservation

Hotel Reservation Management Software

Hotel Reservation Systems

How do I make a dubai hotel reservation?

Make a Hotel Reservation

Advantage of Hotel Reservation Etc

By this way, you can search more and more longtail keywords by your shorttail by searching in Quora and select keywords according to your requirement

Search By Google Trends

You can also search longtails in Google Trends

Lets open Google Trends

You will see the latest trending keywords which is currently trending in the selected country

You will see the many following keywords which is trending in your niche


reservation hotel paris

reservation system

hotel reservation system

hotel and reservation

online reservation

online hotel reservation

hotel reservation service

By this way, you can search longtails as per requirements.


There are many more website from which you can find longtails like following


eHow etc

Thanks for watching the video

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